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Vacancy: Research Scientist

Plant Health Products seeks to appoint a highly motivated research scientist to work in thedepartment of Research and Product development. The position requires a post graduatequalification in plant pathology, microbiology or other relevant disciplines. The successfulcandidate will work with a team of scientists to innovate biological control products for use inthe agricultural sector. Responsibilities• Research […]

Vacancy: Technical Product Manager

PHP currently has a vacancy for a Technical Product Manager based in Howick, KZN, ZA The product manager is responsible for the management of the PHP-developed and -produced products to meet global needs. This is a technical and marketing role. Knowledge of plant pathology, agriculture and the agricultural industry is important. This role includes close […]

What is Biological Control?

What is biocontrol? Biological control (biocontrol) is an environmentally sound method of controlling or suppressing pests and diseases using their naturally-occurring enemies or biological antagonists. These living organisms may be predators (predatory mites, ladybirds etc), parasitoids (wasps etc) or microbes (fungi, bacteria or viruses).  Biological control is an important component of integrated pest management (IPM) […]

Eco-T improves yield and protects against Pythium spp. in carrots

Cavity spot caused by Pythium spp. is a significant disease in carrots, reducing harvest quality and resulting in major losses. Eco-T  was tested for control of Pythium in carrots in the Western Cape, South Africa.Soil drench applications of Eco-T were compared to a standard registered fungicide and an untreated control.   Eco-T treatment significantly reduced Pythium […]