Trichoderma asperellum

Biostimulant that promotes growth of healthy root systems.

Active IngredientTrichoderma asperellum strain kd
Formulation typeA concentrated wettable powder for general purpose seed coating and in furrow or drench applications
Concentration> 2 × 10⁹ spores/g
Standard dosage 250–750 g/ha
CropsWide range of crops
Key Benefits• Safe, non-toxic​
• Enhances root growth. Treated root systems have more feeder roots and root hairs.​
• Improves germination offering faster seedling development.​
• Increases tolerance levels of abiotic (e.g. drought) and biotic (e.g. disease) stress conditions.​
• Maximises the nutrient uptake efficiency and therefore helps to ensure the biggest return for the money spent on fertilizer.​
• Ideal for use in IPM programs and following soil sterilization​
• No residues and no withholding period after application. ​
• T-Gro Ezi-Flo formulation for use with mechanical planters offering additional benefits to planting efficiency.

Mode of Action

Root tip colonization by Trichoderma after 48h ​
Photo Credit: Dr. Brendon Neumann​